Welcome to the website of the manufacturer of system wipers. For over 20 years we have been producing aluminum system doormats, also known as facility doormats. Our offer includes external object doormats and internal object doormats. We invite you to cooperate.

Reliability backed up by experience

The system mats manufactured by BP Techem Ltd. reflect 20 years of company’s experience, development and collaboration with international partners.

Our mats in aluminium profiles are a solution used in the biggest shopping malls and office complexes in Poland and abroad.

Dirt entering the building rapidly damages floors and carpets, while dust has impact on the frequency of hardware failure and is not of no significance to employees’ health. The best solution to these issues is to use a suitable mat system.

An appropriate mat system may eliminate as much as 80% of sand, mud and dust brought indoors and consequently reduce the costs of building maintenance, servicing and renovation.

It is best to consider an effective floor mat system (using entrance and other type of mats) already at an early phase of interior design.

A complete mat system consists of at least two parts:

  • external mats - for the removal of coarse dirt, such as mud, snow, etc.,
  • indoor mats – for drying shoes and absorbing sand and smaller impurities.

We also offer the best quality advertising mats, with a print out of your logo, a slogan or a graphic of your choice. Logo mats (mats with a logo) serve an advertising and cleaning function.They are used as a fixed component of décor. Promo mats are used for purely promotional purposes, such as short-term sales-support campaigns.